About Us

About Us

Simpler® Consulting, part of the IBM Watson Health™ business, is a leading management consulting firm that helps organizations around the world improve enterprise-wide performance through Lean transformations.

Since 1996, Simpler has partnered with clients across a wide range of industries to help them cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and stimulate business-impacting results. With our proprietary Simpler Business System® — a simple yet powerful approach to Lean methodology — we deliver the skills and confidence necessary to help you continue your transformation long after our engagement is complete. 

With a global client base, you'll find our coaches in key locations all over the world. No matter where your organization is located, we have someone nearby who is already familiar with the local customs, language and business culture.

Our people

Simpler coaches are experienced consultants who have all once stood where you stand today. They are your peers — former CEOs, COOs and high-level managers — who know what works and what doesn't from actually doing it, not reading about it in a textbook.

Rather than merely studying your situation and delivering recommendations, Simpler coaches work alongside your senior leaders, teaching them how to affect change and sustain improvement. Learn more about our approach here.

Industries We Serve

Healthcare Sector

From major teaching hospitals to small medical groups, we help our clients improve quality and processes of care, achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, and boost staff morale.

Public Sector

Government agencies today are looking for the same kinds of efficiencies and cost-savings that commercial businesses have sought for decades. And Simpler is helping them get there.

Commercial Sector

Lean transformation is probably the best known for its benefits to the manufacturing industry, and Simpler has had outstanding success with manufacturing clients. But we've also brought the Lean process to consumer packaged goods companies, financial services organizations, private equity firms and retail clients.

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Why Simpler?

  • We are trusted partners for the CEO and leadership team
  • We turn strategy into action using a proven system and experienced people
  • We increase enterprise value and achieve 10:1 return on investment
  • We engage, develop, and motivate your people
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