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Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey — 2nd Edition Now Available!
Joan Wellman, Pat Hagan, Howard Jeffries, Cara Bailey

While it is commonly believed that improved quality, access, and safety, and an improved bottom line are mutually exclusive, Seattle Children’s demonstrates that it quite possible to realize all these improvements concurrently. Written by remarkable change agents from the front lines at Seattle Children’s and other forward-thinking organizations, this book discusses ways to transform key personnel into change agents and engage all staff in a patient-focused culture dedicated to eliminating waste and improving all aspects of quality and care.

New for Second Edition: Two additional chapters covering clinical standard work and the integration of Lean and safety, plus more about the later phases of the Lean journey and how the persistence of Lean leaders were able to help the organizations sustain the gains earned from their improvement efforts.

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Preventing Physician Burnout: Curing the Chaos and Returning Joy to the Practice of Medicine
Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, and Diane W. Shannon, MD, MPH

Physician burnout is more prevalent than ever in healthcare today, and the industry needs more effective ways of addressing the issue. This book explores the premise that burnout stems directly from the health care work environment — one steeped in chaos from factors like regulations, electronic health records, and demographic trends, and where the path to success lies in heroic workarounds. Readers learn how Lean principles can be used to truly change a toxic clinical environment — and move health care from a place of dysfunction to one of high performance and satisfied physicians.

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The Lean Prescription: Powerful Medicine for Our Ailing Healthcare
Patricia Gabow, MD, and Phillip Goodman

Dr. Gabow, former CEO of Denver Health of 20 years, teamed up with Philip Goodman, a 34 veteran of Denver Health who directed the Lean System group at Denver Health, to share their Lean journey in this book. It is an honest story of how Gabow led Denver Health to become the first health care organization to be awarded the Bronze Medallion Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. The book details the foundational Lean principles and concepts and provides a 'How To' book on applying Lean in health care from the experience of an integrated health care system's successful seven year Lean journey. This book grew out Gabow’s 40 years’ experience as a practicing physician, teacher, researcher and leader of a large, urban public healthcare system.

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Innovations in Healthcare Management: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions
Surgeon Rear Admiral (Retd.)V.K. Singh, VSM, MBBS, MHA, DNB, M Phil

Although new technologies, devices, and methods are promising, healthcare is in need of a revolution in organization and management. Innovations in Indian healthcare--particularly low-cost, high-volume solutions that improve access to care--have attracted global attention. This book brings together experiences and contributions of practitioners and academics to describe and analyze emerging innovations in health service management, production and delivery, and discuss their implications to the world.

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Lean Behavioral Health: The Kings County Hospital Story
Joseph Merlino and Joanna Omi (New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation) with contributions by Simpler

This is the first Lean book that focuses entirely on behavioral health. Using the principles of the Toyota Production System, or Lean, the contributors in this groundbreaking volume share their experience in transforming a major safety net public hospital after a tragic and internationally publicized event. As the largest municipal hospital system in the United States, the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation adopted Lean as the transformational approach for all of its hospitals and clinics. Kings County Hospital Center, one of the largest providers of behavioral health care in the country, continues on its transformational journey utilizing Lean's techniques. While not every event was fully successful, most were and every event, including failures, increased the knowledge base about how to continually improve quality and safety. Having made major changes, Kings County Hospital Center is now recognized as a center for transformation and quality receiving high marks from oversight agencies.

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Winning by Design
Rob Westrick and Chris Cooper

Responsible for new product development? Well, getting more profitable products to market faster is about to get a whole lot Simpler®. Learn how to use Lean to reduce lead times on product development, lower your product costs and create products your customers really want.

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Simpler Healthcare
Marc S. Hafer

THE book on Lean in healthcare. Learn how six very different hospital systems around the world applied Lean concepts to transform their operations, achieving dramatic results by improvement patient outcomes, reducing costs, reducing wait times, and increasing patient and staff satisfaction.

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Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation- Second Edition
George Koenigsaecker

Written to help executives in determining right from wrong during a Lean Initiative, Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation shows that Lean is more about an approach than it is about tools. It presents the successful strategies and case histories of several key American leaders who have been instrumental in bringing Lean to the forefront of various industries. The second edition, released in October 2012, provides further clarification of the least understood and most critical aspect of a Lean transformation... the building of a Lean culture. In the new introduction, George reviews his efforts to define the key leadership behaviors that have characterized the relatively few, truly successful, lean transformation leaders and his conclusion about the “Big 3” leadership behaviors. Also, George called upon additional Lean leaders experienced in this area to supplement his book. The new stories can be found in appendices B-G on pages 139-234.

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The Little Book of Lean
Chris Cooper

Author Chris Cooper compiles the lessons he learned over a twenty year journey in Lean. From military to charity and from for-profit or non-profit, Chris discovered that the basics of Lean principles apply in every workplace while transforming those involved by what can be achieved. The aims of this book are simple. Chris distills his knowledge to its simple basic essence so that current and future generations of leaders can learn and apply it. Through stories and discussion questions, Chris sets the reader on a path of action that shows a way of looking at the world of human work. And, once the reader can 'see' through the Lean lens, it is truly a beautiful sight because of the infinite potential. The Little Book of Lean should be an inspiration for readers to begin to forever improve!

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Advanced Lean in Healthcare
Craig Albanese, Darin Aaby, Terry Platchek

Borrowing from a business system with its roots in manufacturing, Advanced Lean in Healthcare narrates a healthcare industry operational problem through the experience of a patient: a young boy ravaged by terminal illness. By putting a real-world lens on the situation, the book takes the reader through five levels of the increasingly advanced steps of a lean transformation, giving them a bird’s-eye view of the required operational and management shifts. By introducing lean strategies one-by-one, the authors provide an easy-to-understand plan for providing higher quality care, improved patient and staff experience, and significant cost savings for healthcare organizations.

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The Little Book of Lean for CEOs
Chris Cooper

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Integrated Healthcare Design 2.0: Transforming the Way We Think About Lean Hospital Design
Doug Dulin

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