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Helping Health Care Mitigate Major Market Factors

Helping Health Care mitigate market factors of declining reimbursement, increasing denial write-offs and increasing account receivable balances

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Healthcare Leaders Winning in 2019

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Market dynamics impacting the healthcare industry today
  • The top four business challenges and what you should do to be prepared
  • From revenue cycle management to burnout: real-world examples and the solutions that made a difference


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No One is Perfect: The Truth Behind the Lean Transformation. The Personnel Journey from Non Believer to Living Professional and Personal Life through Simpler Lean Methodology

An on-demand HealthLeaders Webinar, sponsored by Simpler Consulting, an IBM Company.


Hear Linda Hertelendy, VP, Care Coordination, St Louis Region, SSM Health share how she flipped completely from strongest antibody to strongest supporter by trusting the process, immersing herself, applying the principles personally, and experimenting. Topics that will be discussed, 1. Confessions from a Non-Believer, 2. Five Stages of Grief, 3. Admitting I was Wrong, 4. Evolving to a Believer, 5. Impact on Career and Personnel Life, 6. Advice to the Non-Believer

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