Areas of Focus

How Simpler can support your healthcare organization’s improvement efforts

The focuses of Simpler healthcare consulting services, described below, can be used on their own or combined as a holistic transformation process.

We can work directly with healthcare leadership for organizational change or help guide the complete enterprise transformation throughout the organization.

Developing organizational culture
  • Culture and change management in healthcare – assessing organizational culture and aligning and developing purpose, vision, values and behaviors, so organizational aspirations are congruent with the lived experience of customers and employees
  • Employee engagement –  enabling healthcare organizations to actualize respect for people and listen to their voices
Improving healthcare leadership capability and optimizing talent
  • Transformational leadership – combining the ethical imperative of authentic leadership with developing essential capabilities in change management, people and vision
  • Team and talent development – building and sustaining autonomous, high-performing teams with the autonomy and capability to solve problems and improve daily work
Releasing capacity and optimizing the healthcare organization
  • Employee lifecycle – improving the efficiency, effectiveness and experience of each stage in an employee’s journey
  • Organizational policies and design – releasing capacity through agile design and policies that enable continuous improvement and transformation

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