JWA Services

After more than 20 years of experience in applying the principles of Lean and organizational change throughout the healthcare industry, especially Pediatric and Academic Medical Centers, we have learned that the key to sustaining your Lean transformation is embedding Lean systems throughout your organization by:

  • Transforming the methods, management system, and mindset of your organization
  • Customizing the approach to best fit your organization's culture, structure, and prior experience with performance improvement
  • Moving beyond simple waste-reduction activities to advanced Lean practices
  • Building capabilities in your organization — from the board room to the front line
  • Addressing the technical, political and cultural elements of organizational change

Through senior-leader engagement, study missions, application of advanced Lean methods, and coaching, JWA services can help your organization develop and embed your Lean vision to help your organization navigate healthcare’s challenges and win in the marketplace.

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