Simpler has a proven track record dealing with some of the world's largest industrial and construction companies, thanks to our global footprint and ability to work effectively across the entire enterprise. From sales and marketing, to development and delivery, to administrative and technical functions, we help you turn strategy into action to significantly increase the value of your enterprise.

Our approach to operational transformation takes you beyond initial strategy development to help you execute your plan quickly and effectively, producing maximum return on investment.

Whether you're a high-volume or low-volume organization, working within a product flow or an information flow, we'll help you take the next step in your Continuous Improvement (CI) initiative to achieve unprecedented and enduring results.

Simpler has a proven track record in helping organizations with mature improvement systems and existing improvement teams to determine how best to enhance their capability and deliver even greater value.

The Simpler Business System will help you:
  • Engage, develop, and motivate your employees
  • Reduce the time needed to implement your strategy
  • Ensure your corporate culture supports efficient execution of your strategy
  • Enable higher levels of business growth by increasing customer and employee satisfaction
  • Achieve outstanding results in top-line growth, market share, innovation, and cost-savings

Simpler has built a reputation for strategically applying enterprise-wide transformation to achieve breakthrough performance for our large, multinational clients. We're proud to have industrial and construction clients in the Fortune Global 500, as well as many clients who have been externally recognized for the success of their transformations by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), and the Shingo Institute. We have coached more companies that went on to be awarded the prestigious Shingo Prize — the world's highest standard for operational excellence — than any other Lean consulting firm.

Our proprietary approach is designed to rapidly identify and then implement the strategic improvement opportunities that exist within any organization. We have honed this approach to deliver speed, impact, and unsurpassed return on investment. By linking strategy to action and implementing a new operating model, the Simpler Business System is able to help organizations achieve their purpose and significantly enhance their value.