Medical Device

Today's medical device and diagnostic industry faces a highly competitive market with many challenges, from restricted market access to difficulty demonstrating and communicating product value. What's more, customers have increasingly complex needs and higher expectations — on smaller budgets.

Simpler helps you gain an edge on the competition by facilitating faster delivery to market and maximizing your product's cost-to-value ratio — as recognized by both regulators and clinicians. We have the capability to help you to efficiently demonstrate the efficacy, safety and reliability of your product.

Our proprietary Simpler Business System® enables:

  • Effective Commercialization System
    Simpler provides a proven roadmap for a results-driven transformation process for Market Access
  • Market Knowledge
    Capture the market landscape —unmet needs, stakeholder opinions, epidemiology of disease, competitive positions, market share, and adverse events — to lay the foundation for your value position.
  • Solid Scientific Evidence
    Develop an effective strategy and convincing portfolio of research and modeling evidence demonstrating your product's value.
  • Stakeholders Alignment
    Identify, profile, map and engage with important clinical, economic, and regulatory decision makers to guide value message creation and establish an effective communications network.
  • Effective Value Communication
    Your product's value is solidly demonstrated and effectively communicated to important decision makers anywhere in the world.

Simpler, a Truven Health Analytics™ company, is uniquely positioned to make an impact in the medical device industry thanks to a powerful and unmatched combination of our capabilities.

Simpler has proven experience in product development, product launch and transformation, while Truven Health boasts vast expertise in healthcare market access and value demonstration.

Simpler coaches and Truven Health life sciences experts have worked together with all top 20 medical device and diagnostics manufacturers, as well as numerous small- to mid-size companies, to help them achieve increased enterprise value by improving financial performance, quality, and customer satisfaction. We can do the same for you.