Metals Manufacturing

For over a decade, Simpler has guided some of the world's largest steel and aluminum and other metals producers through successful transformations. Our clients span all aspects of the metals sector, covering primary production, secondary processing, distribution, and recycling.

Because of this experience, we have extensive knowledge of the industry's challenges and opportunities. We have repeatedly proven our ability to support companies with well-established improvement capability to move to the next level of performance.

Whether you have key plants in one country or multiple plants spread across several continents, with our global footprint Simpler can help you:

  • Educate and coach your executive teams to effectively turn your strategy into action
  • Engage, motivate and develop your people
  • Conduct robust diagnostics to determine the critical breakthroughs needed to implement your strategy and deliver major performance gains
  • Increase throughput and improve yield of key assets – even when there is a strong internal belief they are already at or above max capacity
  • Optimize the end-to-end flow of materials between production facilities and your customers
  • Reduce inventory levels while improving delivery performance and availability through major reductions in lead time
  • Drive productivity while improving safety and reducing operational risk
  • Improve end-to-end planning processes and materials procurement
  • Configure and optimize your distribution processes
  • Create a unified improvement methodology and develop your existing Continuous Improvement (CI) resources to enable higher performance

Simpler has built a reputation for strategically applying enterprise-wide transformation to achieve breakthrough performance for our clients. Our proprietary approach is designed to rapidly identify and then implement the strategic improvement opportunities that exist within any organization. We have honed this approach to deliver speed, impact, and unsurpassed return on investment. By linking strategy to action and implementing a new operating model, the Simpler Business System is able to help organizations achieve their purpose and significantly enhance their value.