Private Equity & Their Portfolio Companies

The end goal for a private equity firm is simple: Increase the enterprise value of the organization. And to achieve that, you need each company in your portfolio to fulfill its maximum potential.

Simpler can help you maximize the performance and profitability of each asset — both before and after acquisition.

When engaged at pre-acquisition stage, we begin with our reView diagnostic process to quickly identify value creation opportunities. We understand the limitations in information, access, and time and work within those to substantially inform your valuation and improvement hypothesis. We help identify how to turn your investment strategy into action.

If post-acquisition, we coach the Leadership team as we conduct the reView diagnostic with them. This increases their engagement, teaches them to see what “good' is and the next level of performance, and builds their commitment to achieve it.

Next, we will help you reThink the true potential of your business by defining breakthrough improvement targets. We use a proven technique to focus, engage, and align your whole organization to deliver on the highest impact improvement priorities.

Finally, in the reBuild process, you will learn to apply the Simpler Business System® to rapidly implement the required changes, resulting in a substantial increase in enterprise value and a profound cultural shift.

As an explicit outcome of the implementation, the management system we implement improves the performance of the Leadership team. It creates a proven, sustained improvement capability within the business that becomes part of its intrinsic value for the future.

The Simpler Business System® will help you:

  • See the future for operations and support functions
  • Set more aggressive goals based on sound logic and class-leading knowledge
  • Understand the step-by-step changes required to achieve your goals
  • Ensure you have a robust business case before you commit resources to the transformation
  • Help each company grow by increasing employee satisfaction and more effectively delivering value to customers
  • Increase your enterprise value and achieve 10:1 ROI

Because many of our clients are owned by private equity firms — and we have been, too —Simpler has a deep level of understanding of the dynamics of the private equity industry. We are able to take a pragmatic approach that appreciates the competitive challenges of the field, including limits on access, facilities, information, and time.

Our proprietary Simpler Business System is designed to rapidly identify and then implement the strategic improvement opportunities that exist within the organizations you own. We have honed this approach to deliver speed, impact, and unsurpassed return on investment.