Across the globe, passionate healthcare professionals — frontline clinicians, managers, support services and executives — are working to create systems that drive improved quality of care and lower costs.

But in an industry often filled with complexity and change, these professionals can face challenging headwinds on their paths to progress.

That’s where Simpler® Consulting, part of the IBM Watson Health™ business, can help.

Solutions for Healthcare

From acute care teaching hospitals to physician practice groups to health plans and government agencies — from the US to the UK and beyond — we are growing with one priority in mind: To support our clients’ missions to improve care and processes.

And we do it with a focus on the patient experience and respect for people.


Learn to set expectations, eliminate barriers, and deploy resources so your people can get to work achieving goals.

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Foster continuous process improvement in the flow of money from payers to providers.

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Integrated Facility Design

Reshape the design process to achieve breakthrough improvements.

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Create a lasting competitive advantage at every stage of the supply chain.

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Operating Excellence

Optimize care delivery and improve outcomes with Lean.

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