Helping Leaders Move Organizations to a Higher Level of Performance

The importance of leadership in an organization cannot be overstated. Leaders must develop and deploy strategies, motivate and communicate with employees, and ultimately drive the organization to new levels of performance improvement. But even leaders need guidance to ensure the organization stays healthy and moving in the right direction.

Board Governance and C-Suite Engagement Sets the Stage

The Simpler Healthcare Advisory Practice starts by working with your Board of Directors to establish effective governance. Here we determine standard work, create an effective infrastructure, and ensure the right people are in place. Next, board objectives are realigned to support the organization's identity, mission, values, and goals. Expectations are set and board members learn and embrace their roles in driving the cultural, operational, and financial transformation of the organization. This top-down engagement is the vehicle to achieving the future value proposition.

With an empowered and effective board in place, we work with the C-suite and other key stakeholders to conduct a Healthcare Diagnostic Assessment. Here we examine organizational metrics including supply chain, human resources development, clinical performance, and financial performance. We also employ methodologies such as enterprise value stream analysis (EVSA) to separate those activities that contribute to value creation from activities that create waste, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

This thorough assessment of the health of the organization highlights areas of opportunity and lays the groundwork for strategy deployment that fosters continuous improvement at every level.

Strategy Deployment Enables Breakthrough Performance

Armed with a defined strategy and backed by active, engaged leadership, we move toward Strategy Deployment. Strategy Deployment creates a framework that drives the planning, focus, and alignment of the business. Through Strategy Deployment organizations are better able to set expectations, eliminate barriers, and deploy resources so your people can get to work achieving goals. If followed systematically and consistently, Strategy Deployment can help an organization respond to uncertainties and changes in the dynamic healthcare market, while still achieving its vision.

Leading with Clear Purpose Transforms the Organization

The Healthcare Advisory Practice arms you with the support and guidance you need to build a powerful leadership team. With a strong board inspiring an engaged C-suite, and a well-defined strategy deployed by empowered personnel, your organization can deliver breakthrough patient care and strong operational and financial performance.

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