As the industry looks to new ways to truly manage population health, better understand patient needs, achieve the IHI Triple Aim, AND remain financially viable, the challenges and threats to traditional care models must be addressed. To address these and other issues, Simpler provides a rapid and disruptive design approach to address the challenges in this shifting healthcare landscape.

The Simpler Approach to Innovation

Simpler’s enterprise transformation approach falls into two main subcategories, Conversion and Innovation. Conversion describes a traditional Lean improvement initiative, which enables steady, continuous financial and performance improvement of the current business over an extended period of time, with return on investment that outpaces the industry.

Many healthcare organizations may describe the work they are doing in Conversion as innovative, and it is, when done correctly. However, Lean Innovation is defined as the creation of services for the future, with a rapid and disruptive continuum shift in performance and cost that separates itself drastically from the industry performance standard.

Simpler’s Innovation approach - REX - can be boiled down into three main phases, which include:

  • Research: Includes market studies of macro issues affecting the patient population using advanced health data and data analytics techniques.
  • Exploration: Describes a detailed analysis and report of market studies, ethnography and solution proposals based on findings. Exploration also includes the real-life testing of these solution proposals with a team of physicians and patients.
  • eXecution: Describes the roll-out of an approved solution with embedded performance tracking technology. This can be executed at a macro level across your entire system or on a hospital-by-hospital basis.

Simpler focuses its Innovation application at four main levels, including:

  • Implementing a new technology to provide better care
  • Designing a new service line
  • Designing a new care model
  • Designing an entirely new business model

Simpler can help you accelerate the transformation of your health system toward achieving the Triple Aim using a systematic Innovation process to achieve breakthrough results in performance, revenue and patient care.

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