Integrated Facility Design

As the face of healthcare has started to be reshaped, so should the design process. Simpler's sustainable approach to design – Integrated Facility Design - places an equal emphasis on an integrated team, standard lean design process and a way to understand how the design will impact the move-in operating budget.

Integrating Lean into Your Facility Design

Simpler follows a process called Integrated Facility Design (IFD) that systematically applies Lean principles and concurrently integrates the expertise of all stakeholders—patients and families, hospital administrators, physicians and surgeons, nurses, staff, the architect, the general contractor, and Lean experts—to achieve breakthrough improvements when compared to traditional design.

The Benefits of Lean Experience

During the IFD process, the Simpler team applies its deep expertise in Lean principles in the following ways:

  • Guiding principle development aligns all stakeholders to Lean principles such as line-of-sight, continuous flow, work cells, point-of-use, and others.
  • Workflow analysis using the seven flows of healthcare improves unit adjacency, reducing wasteful transport and walking time,
  • Cycle time and takt time analysis determines the optimal number of rooms and beds, reducing costly square footage compared to typical design estimates.
  • 5S (workplace organization) and “activity follows'determines the optimal layout of furniture, equipment, and supplies in rooms and workspaces.
  • Standardized work planning establishes optimal work sequences and timing so providers, nurses, and staff can make the most efficient use of the new layout once the facility opens.
  • Visual management principles define locations and content for the visibility walls that are essential for practicing Lean management once the new facility opens.

The Phases

The IFD process moves from your organization's values, beliefs, and principles down to chairs, drawers, and lights through five phases:

  • Project management and governance
  • Conceptual design at the systems level
  • Functional design at the value stream level
  • Detailed design at the operational level
  • Standard work development for operating in the new design

Where IFD Has Been Applied

Simpler has applied IFD or elements of IFD in the US, Europe, and the Middle East to fulfill the following needs:

  • Hospital master planning
  • Integrated project delivery
  • New hospital design
  • Hospital renovation
  • Department layout improvement

Let Simpler help to re-shape your conversation around hospital design and how it might be used in their current or future design project.

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