Energy & Utilities

Public utilities are driven to deliver better value to their customers while facing more challenges than ever before, including:

  • An aging infrastructure that requires investment to ensure reliability and value to consumers
  • A constantly changing regulatory and financial environment
  • Reduced flexibility in pricing
  • A changing climate, which may affect energy supply
  • Increased Security threats

With Simpler's guidance, our energy and utility clients achieve lower costs (and less cost passed along to their customers), reduced downtime, and rapid expansion to new geographic areas. They also achieve breakthrough results in metrics such as engaging employees, reducing the number of employee injuries, increasing customer service satisfaction, decreasing the numbers of hours customers are without service, and diminishing the amount of time it takes to complete customer-facing processes.

Simpler's Government Contract Vehicles

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Why Simpler?

Simpler® offers a unique combination of commercial, healthcare, and government Lean/Lean Six Sigma consulting expertise ideally suited to support the transformation of public sector organizations. Our work across multiple public sector organizations provides us with an in-depth understanding of the total public sector environment and an integrated perspective encompassing public sector missions, technology applications, and management approaches to help clients develop joint solutions and avoid redundant programs and expenses.