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March 24, 2017
HFMA: Physician Business Advisor Blog

March 17, 2017
American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum

January 30, 2017
Becker's Hospital Review

December 9, 2016

December 15, 2016
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

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Simpler Point of View

March 21, 2017
By Sonja McLendon, Chief of Operational Excellence, and Carol Burrell, Chief Executive Officer at Northeast Georgia Health SystemNortheast Georgia Health System (NGHS), a not-for-profit community health system with more than 600 physicians, began its Lean journey in 2008. continue reading ⟩

March 10, 2017
By Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, Senior AdvisorThe crisis of physician burnout impacts virtually every healthcare organization in the nation. continue reading ⟩

February 23, 2017
By Adam WardOn the first day of HIMSS17 I stayed in our booth, so Day Two was my day to venture out. continue reading ⟩

February 22, 2017
By Adam WardI've arrived in beautiful Orlando, Florida for the largest healthcare IT conference, HIMSS17. continue reading ⟩

February 6, 2017
By Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, Senior AdvisorThe IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care held its 28th annual conference last month, bringing together nearly 6,000 health care professionals from around the world to discuss the goal of improving the quality and value of health care. continue reading ⟩

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Lean Culture Improves Engagement and Productivity

Railway supply leader Vossloh describes the culture change and breakthrough improvements achieved through the Simpler approach to Lean.

Industrial Manufacturer Ingersoll Rand Aims for Breakthrough Improvements

Learn more about Ingersoll Rand's journey toward enterprise transformation through cultural and operational improvements using the Simpler Business System® (SBS). Over a five-year period, SBS helped Ingersoll Rand generate more than $300 million in savings, representing more than a 25:1 return on investment.

UK Police and Simpler make news with cost-saving Lean Transformation

We brought our considerable experience with various military branches to the UK?s police, helping them continue to provide protection in the face of tough budget challenges.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

We helped a nonprofit lifeboat building organization adopt Lean commercial manufacturing practices, reducing production time, increasing output and making the most of the donations they rely on for their invaluable work.

New York City's Health and Hospitals Corporation makes Lean breakthroughs systemwide

A collaborative Rapid Improvement program inspires hope and collaboration among staff members, hospitals and boroughs to improve patient care, staff satisfaction and revenue capture.

Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust improves patient throughput, care with Lean

One of the largest children?s hospitals in Europe, Alder Hey was plagued with long waits for patients, long stays and stressed staff. We helped streamline patient ?ow, reducing length of stay, allowing the hospital to treat more patients and improving staff satisfaction.

The North Valley Way

Lean's Presence in the North Valley, Kaiser Permanente

Simpler Design System

Mike Chamberlain and Jon Armstrong discuss how the Simpler Design System and Innovation enable companies to save time and money in getting high-quality products to market across the manufacturing, high-tech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Simpler Healthcare: Using Lean to Achieve Breakthrough Improvements

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The Simpler Healthcare podcast presents a unique opportunity for healthcare leaders to hear from industry experts on the benefits and challenges of implementing Lean Enterprise Transformation and achieving breakthrough outcomes.

Meet the Experts

John Gallagher started his lean journey nearly 25 years ago. As a Simpler Innovation Practice Executive Coach, John works with c-suite and executive leadership to continuously improve the cost, quality, and delivery of healthcare.

Dr. George Palma joined Simpler as Medical Director after having invested 34 years in the medical industry. Since joining Simpler, Dr. Palma has worked with dozens of healthcare clients in achieving high levels of physician engagement in the Lean transformation and in providing executive support.

Featured Episodes

Episode 9: MACRA: What It Is - and What It Means for Physician Practices - 10/10/2016

Join Dr. Palma as he discusses the new law and what it changes for healthcare management — with a focus on the elements of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System and its pros and cons.

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Episode 8: Big Data - 10/10/2016

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Simpler Healthcare Podcast. I’m here again today with Dr. George Palma, and we’re going to talk to you about a topic that gets talked about a lot, and that’s big data.

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Episode 7: Observations from the Population Health Colloquim - 09/29/2016

Today once again I’m here with Dr. George Palma. Today we’re gonna talk about an opportunity he had recently to attend the population health colloquium in Philadelphia.

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Episode 6: Preventing Physician Burnout through Lean - 09/29/2016

Welcome to the podcast today. Today I’m talking with Dr. Paul DeChant, who’s the former CEO of Sutter-Gould Medical Foundation, and also a senior advisor and executive coach for Simpler Consulting.

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Episode 5: A Conversation About Palliative Care - 04/13/2016

John Gallagher and Dr. George Palma tackle the tough subject of palliative care. Why are we so hesitant to talk about it? How does it fit into the overall continuum of care? What can healthcare providers do to get patients more involved in palliative care decisions?

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Episode 4: Evaluating the Success of the Value-Based Payment Model - 04/13/2016

The goal of the shift to value-based payments is to help healthcare organizations achieve the IHI Triple Aim. But is it working? John Gallagher and Dr. George Palma discuss the challenges of moving to a value-based system, and how a Lean perspective can help hospitals and health systems improve — regardless of the payment model they use.

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Episode 3: The Growing Threat of Retail Medicine - 04/13/2016

Retail medicine is here to stay, and traditional healthcare organizations need to understand the threat that poses to their businesses. In this episode, John Gallagher and Dr. George Palma discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to retail medicine to examine how the healthcare industry must change in order to compete.

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Episode 2: Overcoming the Barriers to Effective Population Health - 04/13/2016

What is individual health? What is population health? What does effective population health management look like? John Gallagher and Dr. George Palma explore the answers to these questions and investigate the four major barriers healthcare organizations face in providing quality population care.

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Episode 1: ACOs: A Successful Experiment? - 04/13/2016

John Gallagher and Dr. George Palma talk about the progress being made by accountable care organizations (ACOs), from both a financial and a quality perspective. They break down the five main indicators that ACOs are succeeding in achieving the IHI Triple Aim, and discuss how Lean management can give healthcare organizations the agility to adapt to constant changes.

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Chris Cooper

Thoughts of a Lean Sensei

Chris Cooper, one of Simpler’s most ardent Lean students and respected teachers, has over 25 years of leadership experience in the delivery of successful large-scale Lean transformations across a broad range of industries and countries.

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Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

Returning Joy to Patient Care through Lean Transformation

Drawing on his experience leading a Lean transformation and coaching other leaders on the journey, DeChant provides insights on Lean’s potential to drive the “Triple Aim + One”, with a special focus on preventing and healing caregiver burnout.

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Gene Lindsey, MD

Healthcare Musings

Lindsey focuses on Lean and other strategic consideration for those interested the journey to healthcare transformation in the image of the Triple Aim. The blog posts are extracted from Lindsey’s weekly letter “Healthcare Musings.”

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