Simpler Healthcare

A Simpler Approach To Healthcare


Simpler® is the world leader in guiding Lean transformation in the healthcare sector.

From major teaching hospitals to small medical groups, we help our clients improve quality and processes of care, achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, and increase staff morale.

Our work in healthcare is also strategically aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim initiative — focusing on the patient experience and the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of care.

Truven Health and Simpler: More Than Data. Answers.

Using a data-driven approach, Truven Health and Simpler partner across the healthcare economy to boost clinical outcomes and business performance.

With the future of healthcare uncertain, we provide the data, analytics, and coaching that today's leaders need to identify the best steps for enterprise-wide improvements:

  • Cost reduction
  • Quality improvement
  • Risk management
  • Human resources development
  • Clinical and operational performance improvement
  • Enhancement of the effectiveness, coordination, and transparency of healthcare delivery

A Model for Exceeding Clinical, Operational, and Organizational Goals

Our implementation model delivers demonstrated and proven results across the continuum of care in both clinical and non-clinical applications.

To do so, we engage with every facet of your organization:

  • Business of Care — Solutions focused on advancing financial performance, as well as planning and executing on growth initiatives
  • Practice of Care — Clinical and intelligent evidence solutions that combine real-time patient data and analytics with reference information — delivering better point-of-care decision support
  • Population Health Management — Flagship solutions that help our clients integrate and analyze data relating to utilization, patient characteristics, and costs.

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