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Simpler healthcare leadership consulting for organizational and human development

Leaders at hospitals and other healthcare systems today are often faced with organizational culture and human development challenges that can affect quality of care, operational efficiency and overall stability. Those challenges likely include:

  • Re-imagining work and infrastructure based on the impacts of the cloud, increased amounts of data and cognitive intelligence
  • Re-igniting productivity and performance by harnessing the talent and engagement of employees
  • Re-inventing the organizational purpose and culture to remain relevant for next-generation customers and employees
Today's healthcare leadership challenges




How Simpler Consulting can help

At Simpler Consulting, we believe that for long-term success, resilient and agile healthcare organizations need to embrace and synthesize two key principles:

  1. Building a capability and mindset around performance excellence and continuous improvement in every area of operation (organizational development)
  2. Demonstrating respect for customers and employees in every interaction, every day (human development)

To address these principles, Simpler brings a disciplined, enterprise-wide and evidence-based approach, which is designed to improve performance and return joy to the experience of healthcare leadership, consumers, physicians and staff.

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Simpler healthcare consulting offerings — supported by Lean management principles

We help organizations achieve their future state through a set of offerings rooted in Lean enterprise transformation and the role of leadership in guiding organizational culture change and human development.

Our areas of focus work well as independent healthcare improvement solutions or can together fuel whole-organization transformation as a comprehensive guide to change management in healthcare.

At a glance:

Our areas of focus for healthcare consulting

  • Developing organizational culture
  • Improving healthcare leadership capability and optimizing clinical and non-clinical talent
  • Releasing capacity and optimizing the organization

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