Applying Lean methods

Applying Lean methods

Our team will guide your organization through the five levels of the Lean journey using the following methods.

Level 1: The foundation

  • Train Lean leaders
  • Attend study missions
  • Plan your Lean journey
  • Understand your value streams
  • Recognize that success relies on building the systems around the patient
  • Deploy strategy

Level 2: Stability

  • Establish flow and initiate clinical standard work
  • Meet quality and service standards
  • Initiate daily management for success metrics, readiness for each shift and problem solving
  • Link service-line and unit improvements to strategy

Level 3: Match capacity to demand

  • Level the schedule and the work of the day
  • Control workflow
  • Begin to operate to takt (cadence) and dramatically improve patient flow and lead times
  • Set staffing to demand

Level 4: A takt environment

  • Set standard work with detailed cycle times, successive quality checks and triggers for process-stop
  • Refine clinical standard work
  • Implement advanced daily management

Level 5: Optimize

  • Refine the problem-solving skills of all employees