Adopting the Lean mindset

Enterprise-wide alignment with the Lean philosophy is perhaps the most important factor in the success of your transformation. With the right mindset, your leaders and employees will have a clear picture of what your organization’s ideal state looks like, and what needs to be done to reach it.

As you cultivate the Lean mindset, your organization will:

  • Maintain a steady focus on the patient as the customer
  • See standard work — work with highly specific content, sequence, timing and outcomes — as necessary to ensure quality and patient safety
  • Design work to surface and address problems as they occur
  • Practice rapid problem-solving cycles
  • Develop what's referred to as a learning culture — a culture where everyone is engaged in continuous improvement

The Tipping Point

A Lean journey is never complete, but it achieves an important milestone at the Lean Tipping Point. This is when Lean becomes so embedded in your organization’s culture that Lean thinking endures even after a change in executive leadership.

Essential to our approach is guiding your organization to the Lean Tipping Point to:

  • Create your organization’s Lean system ― principles, methods, and management system
  • Embed this system organization-wide by developing leaders at all levels of your organization who become proficient in the application of your Lean system
  • Transform patient flow and safety across your service lines
  • Develop advanced practitioners who apply a deep understanding of Lean through daily practice
  • Achieve results – at a higher rate of improvement than before