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Achieve sustainable breakthrough business results

The aerospace and defense industry faces many challenges in this ever-changing environment.
Among them are:

Supply chain issues

Staff shortages

Smooth implementation of new technologies and increased adoption

All while trying to improve the bottom line. Simpler can help turn your strategy into action and achieve year-over-year performance improvement.

Engages and coaches your entire team to deliver and sustain outstanding results

Aligns your strategy and resources to business objectives

Partners with you to deliver industry-leading solutions that keep you competitive

We’re different because of our experience and hands-on personalized approach. We understand it takes both talent development and process improvement to produce sustainable, ever-improving results.

Your Simpler advisors have decades of experience successfully implementing enterprise-wide transformations in aerospace and defense organization. Whether you need to optimize your supply chain, deliver new capabilities, or maximize your throughput, we can help you succeed.

As your Lean consulting partner, we share our expertise in strategy, execution, and process improvement, along with culture and change management skills. We do that by coaching your team in what success looks like and how best to achieve it. Your individual and organizational success is more than our job — it’s our passion.

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Improve results and grow your business

Your Simpler Lean consulting team can help you earn double-digit performance improvement in quality, cost, delivery, safety, and growth, while Increasing throughput, capacity, and customer satisfaction. You can expect a high return on your investment — 2–3x ROI the first year, 5x in the second, and up to 10-30x ROI in year three and beyond

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Make your work Simpler

Using our proven business system, meeting you where you are, we focus on your continuous improvement so transformation becomes the way everyone — at every level of your organization — works every day, on all aspects of the business. Reduce complexity and cut lead times in half with simplified processes that take less time, space, and effort — with less frustration and better results.

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Realize your full potential

Create better leaders, engage employees, and improve retention with an environment of continuous improvement that fosters your team’s flexibility and productivity. Boost your organizational agility, value creation, and profitability over the long term.


Your lasting success is our passion

We’re experts in turning your strategy (the what) into execution (the how). Simpler’s Lean consulting advisors are invested in aligning your purpose, people, and processes to maximize results using the least amount of time, effort and energy. With our global network of professionals and hundreds of years of collective experience, our team goes above and beyond for you — because our success depends on your success.

Start your transformation today.

We help you stay ahead of the competition

Aerospace and defense companies face increasing competition and rising costs. You need
solutions that drive your business forward and save money, while improving employee and customer satisfaction. Simpler’s expertise in Lean transformation helps you:

    • Stay ahead of rising costs, even in today’s constantly changing world.
    • Maximize use of technology to improve processes while gaining critical insights.
    • Achieve on-time delivery on your legacy and new programs.
    • Develop your employees’ talents, expand their capabilities and contributions, and increase their engagement.

Greater productivity from your staff and your business processes increases predictability and
gives you speed — while reducing costs. Simpler experts can help your organization achieve
breakthrough productivity and continuous improvement.

Your Simpler advisors are committed to your success. Step by step, we transfer knowledge that ensures your team can achieve ever-improving results that continue over time.

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