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Designing and building a new facility can be challenging. In addition to all the cost, space, and time constraints, you also need to ensure buy-in from key stakeholders and customers. Our Integrated Facility Design practice is a robust methodology to both ensure the best outcomes and maintain alignment throughout the process.


An effective facility meets the aims and requirements of the organization’s customers, supports organizational performance, and creates sustainable operations. During governance startup, we perform assessments, projections, and modeling as needed to create a comprehensive and exhaustive business case. Our assessment process combines multiple tools and techniques to ensure identification of all intended outcomes and establish measures of success. Simpler’s IFD Governance approach provides a strong foundation for optimal project oversight and outcomes.

and Planning

Simpler’s highly interactive planning approach engages process owners, stakeholders, and customers in designing physical layout in parallel with new or improved processes. Teams get the opportunity to iterate and test their flows through a series of structured events aimed at finding the optimal model for long term operational success. Teams identify workflow and layout options in two-dimensions, then move on to test and further iterate in a full-scale Cardboard City. Schematic and Design Development-level of flow and space details are addressed in the IFD approach. This co-evolution of process and space fosters a mindset of customer-centeredness and empowers team-based workflow ownership


Our integrated process goes beyond defining physical layout. Teams develop and test scenarios to learn how specific processes, people, and equipment work optimally under different conditions. These scenarios become the basis for Standard Work and a Standard Work Playbook that enables operations leaders to run the space as intended on activation. This Standard Work informs preparing for and training the right skillset to drive operational stability from day one. During Construction Administration, our team supports transforming existing operations toward the new process standards, which promotes immediate gains, a consistent brand experience, ease of management, and smooth activation of the new space.

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