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Deliver industry-leading services to get — and stay — ahead

Turn your strategy into action and achieve year-over-year continuous improvement with Simpler as your transformation partner. Our team of consultants:

Engages and enables your entire team to deliver and sustain outstanding outcomes
Partners with you to deliver industry-leading solutions
Aligns your strategy and resources to optimize operations

We’re different because of our hands-on, personalized approach. We know it takes both talent development and process improvement to produce sustainable, ever-improving results.

Your Simpler team — from executives to line leadership — has decades of experience in successful healthcare transformations. As your partner, we share our deep expertise in improving quality, reducing friction, and increasing patient engagement, along with culture and change management skills as we advise and coach your team.

We’re passionate about helping you deliver outstanding outcomes that continue over time. Your individual and organizational success is more than our job — it’s our passion.

Deliver and sustain outstanding outcomes

We focus on your continuous improvement so your transformation becomes the way you work every day, on all aspects of your business. Simpler’s experts guide your transformation toward improved care, patient experiences, and morale — while reducing overburden and the cost of care.

We make the complex Simpler

Streamline processes so your team can work faster and better, with quicker turnaround times higher service levels. We zero in on the “critical few” business priorities to eliminate confusion and improve efficiency. Your Simpler team drives toward continuous improvement that integrates your strategy and culture at every level.

Realize your full potential

Align your purpose, people, and processes with an environment of continuous improvement that fosters employees’ development and flexibility. Increase productivity, engagement, quality of care, and outcomes over the long term.

Our advisors understand your business

Your Simpler Lean consulting team goes above and beyond to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your decisions, people, and solutions. We’re experienced thought leaders who tailor our approach to your organization’s specific needs. Across 30 countries, our global team helps more than 400 clients succeed.


We help providers improve care, cost savings, and engagement

Healthcare providers must take an advanced approach to managing their businesses and data to deliver outstanding outcomes. With Simpler as your transformation partner, you can:

  • Optimize your processes and gain efficiency with the support of trusted advisors who understand your business.
  • Establish and maintain a healthy revenue cycle that enhances quality, improves patient and provider experiences, ensures compliance, and reduces the cost of care.
  • Create a culture of innovation and growth that eliminates the noise, confusion, and defective workflows that can distract and frustrate your team.
  • Enhance trust in your organization from the inside out by engaging your employees and developing their talents.

Your Simpler advisors are committed to your success. Step by step, we transfer knowledge that ensures your team can achieve ever-improving results that continue over time.

Accelerate payer transformation with data-driven solutions

Health plans need solutions that drive their businesses forward, save money, and improve patient satisfaction. Simpler’s expertise in Lean transformation helps you:

  • Stay ahead of rising costs, even in today’s constantly changing world.
  • Capitalize on technology to improve the efficiency of policies and processes.
  • Clear the clutter and use data to streamline workflows and reduce unnecessary red tape in ways that accelerate decisions and payments.
  • Develop your employees’ talents, expand their capabilities and contributions, and increase their engagement.

Greater productivity from your staff and your business processes increases predictability and gives you speed — while reducing costs. Simpler’s experts can help your healthcare organization achieve breakthrough productivity and continuous improvement.

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