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The most important asset to any organization is the people. To ensure we leverage the talents of all individuals, there must be a robust process to recruit, hire, onboard, and develop everyone in the organization. The net effect is a highly capable, engaged, and agile workforce generating breakthrough results.

Human Development
Value Stream

Successful transformation relies on changing the culture and mindset of employees. Having a talented, engaged, and diverse workforce is key to agility, growth, innovation, and scale. Simpler works across the entire Human Development Value Stream (recruiting, hiring, onboarding, development, performance management, career/succession planning) to ensure robust processes are in place that enable successful people development across all levels.


Simpler’s greatest value is the transfer of skills and knowledge that enable you to achieve continuous improvement. Lean leaders, value stream coaches, and change agents at all levels need skills to shape the future. Simpler has a variety of tools, techniques, and workshops to develop people across all levels of your organization. Working with the Board, C-suite, middle managers, and front-line leaders, we ensure all levels are engaged and agile to support transformation efforts.

Study Trips

Do you philosophically believe in what a transformation could do for your organization, but struggle for the alignment to achieve it? Our Study Trips are designed to accomplish two things: 1) enable leaders to see what good looks like as it relates to transformation, and 2) build alignment and consensus on how to tailor transformation to your company and culture.

Training &

A robust management system includes building internal capability across your entire organization. Our training and certification curriculum is a set of workshops designed to provide the skills necessary to build and accelerate a transformation. We can also deliver tailored, intense development programs targeting leaders and change agents within a transforming organization.

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