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Drive your transformation with Simpler’s lean certification program

Improving processes is critical in business transformation, but that’s only part of it. To achieve greater ROI, your employees must transform, too.
Simpler’s lean certification program can give your team the skills they need.

Employees can upskill by applying lean principles

Simpler is an accredited provider of Cardiff University’s Lean Certification System (LCS), a four-level employee development program that builds your team’s proficiency in lean transformation.
Our lean certification enables you to:

• Establish a foundation and proficiency in continuous improvement

• Expand your employees’ contributions and capabilities

• Apply lean principles using A3 thinking

• Link improvement to strategy and drive strategic change

Since 2009, we’ve certified more than 7,000 lean transformation professionals globally in various operating environments in aerospace and defense, healthcare, industrial, and the public sector. Our accreditation enables Simpler to deliver all levels of training and certification.

Level-up your learning with a structured, practical program

The program — in person or remote — includes a combination of classroom instruction and practical demonstration of competencies. Enrollees learn the tools and techniques of lean transformation and have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned.

Four levels of sequential certification comprise the program. For example, a student begins with the Green level. Once they are certified there, they move to Bronze, then Silver and Gold.
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Simpler’s Lean certification program:

• Increases return on investment

• Promotes continuous improvement

• Enhances employee engagement

• Improves collaboration and communication

• Strengthens your culture

• Boosts efficiency

Certification accelerates your transformation

Each student partners with a Simpler coach during the program’s practical demonstration. The one-on-one relationship supports knowledge transfer, builds confidence, and expands the employee’s contributions and capabilities.
Rapid improvement events and daily problem-solving provide real-life transformation experience in a safe and supportive setting. As students participate in those relevant transformation activities, they link their training to improvements in your business.
We enhance trust in your organization from the inside out — engaging your employees and developing their talents so they expand their contributions and business capabilities.

The Simpler approach gives you an advantage

Students take an online test at the end of each level’s classroom instruction period, and it’s easy to see how Simpler coaches make a difference. On those tests, Simpler’s lean certification program students have a pass rate of 100%.
The practical portion of the level comes next. Upon its completion, a student receives their certificate of competency. Typically, about 95% of students achieve certification. From beginning to Gold certification, the process usually takes about three and a half years.

Our experienced advisors guide you

Your success is more than our job — it’s our passion. Simpler’s differentiator is our hands-on, personalized approach.
With hundreds of years of collective experience in transformation, Simpler’s thought leaders know it takes both talent development and process improvement to succeed. We focus on your continuous improvement, so your transformation becomes the way you work with everyone, every day.

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