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Operational excellence services help ensure sustainable results

An effective operational excellence initiative starts with a robust management system. The Simpler Business System® is a proven approach to transforming all aspects of an organization. From management system governance to process transformation, we have an unparalleled proven methodology.

Management System

The key to maintaining gains from your improvement efforts is a robust, well-executed management system. This service includes collateral development, improvement governance, training and education, organizational alignment, communication campaigns, and organizational structure.

Value Stream

Migrating from vertical based departmental silos to redesigning horizontally around processes and outcomes is a key to operational excellence. Value Stream Analysis (VSA) is an effective methodology for scoping, assessing, targeting, and designing the future state of your business with quantifiable targets.

Rapid Improvement

Solving complex, cross-functional problems requires breakthrough thinking. Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) are structured, focused activities to redesign a process using tools and techniques in a highly collaborative manner. Successful RIEs engage your team members and give them the confidence to tackle the hard stuff while creating the performance breakthroughs necessary to move your organization to its desired future state.

Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI)

Engaging your team members early in daily improvement builds a strong foundation for long-term success. You do not have to be part of a targeted value stream to participate in structured daily improvement activities. This is the first step in the building of a nation of problem solvers with a documented ROI.

Staffing to Demand

Many organizations struggle with staffing levels because their business is not designed for fluctuating demand. Our Staffing to Demand methodology is designed to right size your business to the time, day, or shift to ensure safety and quality, maximize productivity, and meet throughput requirements.

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