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Transform strategy into action with Lean consulting

Achieve year-over-year performance improvement with Simpler as your continuous transformation partner. Our team of consultants:
Engages and enables your entire team to deliver and sustain outstanding results

Partners with you to deliver industry-leading solutions

Aligns your strategy and resources to optimize operations

Your public sector organization aims for the same efficiencies and cost savings as commercial businesses. You need a partner that knows your industry well enough to guide your lean transformation so you deliver ever-improving results.

Your Simpler team — from executives to line leadership — has decades of experience in successful transformations in nonprofits and government organizations. As your partner, we share our deep expertise in improving cost, efficiency, and innovation, along with culture and change management skills as we advise and coach your team.

We’re different because of our hands-on, personalized approach. Your success is more than our job — it’s our passion.

Achieve ever-improving results

Our advisors know it takes both talent development and process improvement to produce sustainable, ever-improving results. We focus on your continuous improvement so your transformation becomes the way your team works every day, on all aspects of your business.

Turn the “what” into the “how”

We go beyond theory — we’re experts at execution. Our approach begins with your team and expands to infuse value from end to end. We’ll help you optimize your processes to create efficiencies while reducing waste and costs.

Realize your full potential

Align your purpose, people, and processes with an environment of continuous improvement that fosters employees’ development and flexibility. Increase productivity, innovation, employee retention, and results over the long term.

We understand the public sector

Simpler collaborates with government and civilian/commercial organizations on Lean transformations that improve effectiveness while cutting costs. With clients spanning all aspects of land, sea, and air — and hundreds of years of collective experience — our trusted, reputable advisors deeply understand your business.

Our experience

U.S. Department of Defense

Through our experience in the national defense industry and related agencies, we understand the environment and its unique challenges. We bring a knowledgeable, fresh perspective to help you develop effective solutions and avoid unnecessary programs and expenses.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

We partner with HHS and social services agencies around the world to help them apply analytics to better understand their communities, deploy and enhance critical programs, and provide integrated health and social care.

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